Parking Lot Repair and Crack Sealing

Cracks allow moisture penetration from rain, snow, salt, and ice, which erodes the base of your parking lot. As these harmful substances penetrate the sub-base of the pavement, the cracks widen and eventually cause potholes.

Our process for parking lot repair and crack sealing in we use in Fort Collins is Sometimes called Crackfilling. It is started by cleaning out the cracks from debris and vegetation. “Hot Pour” rubber compounds are melted in a specific machine. The liquid rubber is applied to the cracks and squeegeed off level with the asphalt surface. Once cooled it forms a strong but flexible seal against moisture.

Black Pearl asphalt can handle any crack sealing job in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

Parking Lot Repair, Crack Sealing

Black Pearl Asphalt Before and After Images

Street Crack Before Crack Seal
Street Crack After Crack Seal

When Cracks open to the point that Commercial grade “Hot-Pour” rubber sealer is no longer an option (see pic 1), the asphalt around it must be milled-out (see pic 2) and patched (see pic 3) forming a tight, smooth surface.

To prevent this from happening to your asphalt, Crack Sealing should be assessed annually.

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