Dear Valued Customers, 

We at Black Pearl Asphalt, Inc. continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation. As new information becomes available, we are putting the utmost care into making the best decisions for the safety of both our employees and customers. Black Pearl Asphalt takes its status as an essential business seriously, and safety requirements remain a top priority for our company. 

We will strive to serve all in our community in need of our services, while maintaining the health of the public and our employees. Therefore, the following expectations and protocols will be in place for any work that Black Pearl Asphalt participates in.

  1. Customers will notify Black Pearl Asphalt of any COVID- 19 cases in the working area. Confidentiality will be maintained, but this aids us in keeping our workers safe.
  2. Black Pearl’s employees will continue to follow all precautions of social distancing: washing hands, not touching their faces, sneezing or coughing into their elbow, and disinfecting immediately. 
  3. Contact with any public persons will be kept at a minimum distance of 6 feet and no personal contact will be engaged. 
  4. Black Pearl’s Foremen will ask employees if they are experiencing any health issues at each morning safety meeting (keeping social distancing requirements in place).
  5. If symptoms are observed or reported, the following process will be enforced:
    • Employee will be quarantined immediately. Employee will seek medical attention if necessary. Black Pearl will ensure employees are able to get home to self-isolate if necessary.
    • General Manager, Human Resources, and Safety Manager will be notified immediately
    • Company vehicle that the employee was in will be thoroughly disinfected, along with all equipment the employee used.
    • Black Pearl will continue to monitor the health of all employees on site, and notify them of the potential exposure.
    • After 14 days with no symptom’s employee can return to work or once they have been released by medical care. 
    • All HIPPAA and privacy policies will be followed to the best ability of the company. Medical information of our individual employees will not be discussed or exposed to the public.

We understand that this is a difficult time and would like to do what we can to reassure you that we are doing our best to protect you and our employees. As stated previously, we are still open for business, and hope that we can continue to work with the community to serve all your asphalt needs. 

We will continue to update policies as needed and will keep you informed of any changes we implement. If you have any further questions regarding our policies, would like to request an estimated, or would like to check on your scheduled work, please feel free to call or email our office. 


Best Regards, 

Management of Black Pearl Asphalt, Inc.